Harry potter coins and medals

After a first collection in 2021, Monnaie de Paris continues to celebrate Harry Potter in 2022 with a new monetary collection with shaped and coloured coins. and coloured coins.

Harry Potter is an incredibly rich and complete universe. The Harry Potter characters are highlighted at the heart of a wide range of mini-medals, art products and collector coins. This product collection shows, with as much integrity as possible the traits of each character. The result is a collection faithful to the soul of the film series, a magical adventure for all Harry Potter fans!

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Emblematic coins

This new collection includes two 10€ silver and 200€ gold coins that pay tribute to the Sorting Hat which determines the house of young wizards who arrive at Hogwarts. Another 10€ silver note features Albus Dumbledore and his phoenix Fumsek. Silver 50€, 5€ and 50€ gold notes complete the collection dedicated to the famous wizard.