French excellence - the 1 kilo gold coin Louvre

This rare 1 kg gold coin celebrates an exceptional alliance. Entirely engraved by hand, it pays tribute to the museum’s astounding collections of Egyptian antiquities.

With only 14 copies minted, the 1 kg gold coin unveils on the obverse the great sphinx of Tanis, in front of the representations of the Moon God Khonsu and the Divine Worshipper Shepenupet. The sphinx, sculpted in the time of the Old Kingdom, is magnified by a certain volume of engraving while the background is done as a line drawing.


French Excellence - Louvre

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On the reverse, the God Amun, the main deity of the Egyptian pantheon, was chosen as the central axis to protect the young Tutankhamun. The deity is surrounded by hieroglyphs from the goldencrusted bronze case that once belonged to Divine worshipper Shepenupet, on which the protective blue “grand feu” enamel Eye of Horus is affixed.  This exceptional coin, a tribute to the treasures of Egypt, is presented in a window lid case, enabling the exposure of the coin.

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