Coin of History
200€ Gold Coin La France - 200€ Gold

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Diameter 20 mm
Metal GOLD 999‰
Weight 3 g
Qualité Brilliant Uncirculated
Finition spéciale appliquée à certaines monnaies de collection. Elles sont frappées avec un outillage neuf et présentent un aspect brillant et parfait, sans aucune trace de dégradation du fait qu'elles n'ont jamais été mises en circulation.
Mintage 20000
Millésime 2019
Valeur faciale 200€
France's History revisited through its former national currenciesFirst wave of the complete series200€ Gold coin sold in a cardboardMonnaie de Paris strikes coins for France since year 864. The treasures, that belongs to its heritage, are the seri...
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Coin of History 200€ Gold Coin La France 200€ Gold


    • France's History revisited through its former national currencies
    • First wave of the complete series
    • 200€ Gold coin sold in a cardboard

    Monnaie de Paris strikes coins for France since year 864. The treasures, that belongs to its heritage, are the series’ essence. It recounts France’s History on some twenty coins, going from the Roman period until today.
    The series will be launched in two stages : the first wave in March 2019 and the second one in September 2019. It is composed of 18 10€ Silver coins depicting former french currencies.
    Two uncolorised 50€ Silver coins, two colorised 50€ Silver coins and the 200€ Gold coin complete the series and present strong French symbols.

    The obverse of the 200 euro Gold coin depicts the 1976 10FF Mathieu French coin. The Monnaie de Paris engraving workshop took its inspiration from the drawing of the artist Georges Mathieu. The coin was struck from 1974 to 1987 in France.
    The very contemporary reverse of the coin presents the face value, surrounded by two branches (oak and laurel) that evoke the Euro symbol. The entire reverse motive is framed in a hexagonal design representing the shape of  France.

    The Collection

    Touch the History of France at your fingertips with the Pièce d'Histoire collection! On each silver coin sold, Monnaie de Paris donates 1€ to the Fondation du patrimoine and will contribute to the financing of the projects of the Stéphane Bern Mission, for the safeguard of the national heritage.
    Pièce d'Histoire
    Pièce d'Histoire
    Pièce d'Histoire

    Our craftman


      Trained at the best schools, they have the years of experience behind them necessary to master all aspects of the craft. Using industrial oil-based modelling clay and working from a design executed freehand or with CAD software, they skilfully fashion a low relief model in order to enhance the engraving and the way it catches the light. They work alternately with concave and convex plaster moulds until satisfied they have achieved the best 3D rendering of the design.


      The first minters began to ply their trade in France when striking with a hammer appeared in the 4th century BC. Nowdays, minsters use press instead of a hammer. Their knowledge of dies, engraving and metals, and their expertise - passed seamlessly down from one generation to the next for centuries - guarantees the excellence of their work.