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Entrée de l'usine de Pessac - © J-J Castaing


The Pessac plant manufactures over a billion and a half coins every year. They are produced in every alloy currently available on the coin-manufacturing market, including solid alloys, roll bonded alloys, cladded alloys, plated steels and stainless steel. The plant is equipped with 29 coin presses and the large number of packaging lines gives us the flexibility to satisfy the diversity of expectations represented by our central bank clients (plastic bags, loose, rolls, packs, wooden boxes, etc).



Our offer

Each client is unique and has very specific requirements. In order to meet these, our technicians and engineers make observations then advise on the appropriate technical specifications, at the same time providing cost reduction solutions. Whether you want to optimise the technical characteristics of your coins (alloys, reeding, mass, diameter, etc) or set up a complete cycle for your currency (demonetisation, recycling, sorting, specially designed machines, etc), we can offer a comprehensive range of products and services.


the coin design

The Department can also create circulating coins or even remake an entire series as part of an all-inclusive package. We'll handle the project from design to delivery. Our multiple award-winning master engravers (Coin Competition, Coin Constellation, etc) trained at leading French schools, create series featuring bespoke designs that portray cultural aspects of the countries we work with, showcasing the unique character and value of each one.


Our assets

A Research and Development team further enhances the services we offer, especially by enabling us to make recommendations on the creation of new products. The Department equally benefits from the proximity of the Centre National d’Analyse des Pièces (C.N.A.C. - Coin National Analysis Centre) and the Centre Technique & Scientifique Européen (E.T.S.C. - European Technical and Scientific Centre) housed at the Pessac site by Monnaie de Paris and making it an anti-counterfeiting specialist and European benchmark organisation.

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a complete monitoring

Our sales staff travel all over the world to ensure they have a perfect grasp of the challenges and achievements specific to each country. They are always available to visit central banks and are accompanied by our technicians or engineers as necessary. The export management service is the Department's permanent on-site representative, monitoring production and the project's overall progress (packaging, shipping, etc) in real time. In parallel, Monnaie de Paris's Communications Department can organise advertisement campaigns aimed at both economic stakeholders (banks, retailers, institutions, etc) and the general public to ensure the new coins are integrated and adopted. Such campaigns could involve TV and radio advertising, flyers, posters, inserts in newspapers and magazines and uses of other media on the basis of requirements identified in advance.



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