Boucheron French excellence 2018
Clipboard medal - Silver 950

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Diameter 81 mm
Weight 394 g
Mintage 160
 An exceptional coin presenting outstanding knowhowThe alliance of two famous French companiesMonnaie de Paris collaborates with a French house and creates every year a unique series inspired by two traditions of fine French craftsmanship. In...
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Boucheron French excellence 2018 Clipboard medal Silver 950 | Monnaie de Paris
Clipboard medal - Silver 950


    •  An exceptional coin presenting outstanding knowhow
    • The alliance of two famous French companies
    Monnaie de Paris collaborates with a French house and creates every year a unique series inspired by two traditions of fine French craftsmanship. In 2018, Monnaie de Paris celebrates Boucheron, the most contemporary of the jewellers since 160 years. 
    This series shows a triumphant nature by highlighting the ivy climbing the famous column at Place Vendôme. Iconic place for watch and jewelry makers, Boucheron has been the first one to open its boutique there. 

    As the 500€ gold, 50€ gold and 50€ silver coins, the Boucheron medal is round with an emerald shape. This medal also highlights the triumphant nature viewable on the Place Vendôme.

    The obverse of the medal highlights the Vendôme in an emerald shape. The view of the place puts on the first sight the famous column. The ivy leaves climb on it, symbolising the triumphant nature. The B letter and the logo of Maison Boucheron are surrounded by ivy leaves on the high central part of the coin.

    The reverse of the medal shows an aerial image of the Vendôme square. From this place emerges a triumphant nature beautified by ivy leaves where visible ribs are embellished by little diamonds drawings. These ivy leaves are like coming towards us. In substitution of the face value, the age of the Maison is written : 160 years.

    The Collection

    Founded in 864, Monnaie of Paris is the oldest company in the world. It has cultivated tradition in the metal artworks for twelve centuries. As such, it is an associate member of Colbert Committee, gathering the greatest French luxury companies. In 2014, Monnaie of Paris is celebrating its 1150th anniversary. For this occasion, Monnaie of Paris is launching a new collection named "French Excellence". The aim is to highlight every year one of the art crafts that constitute the unique heritage of French luxury, by working with one major house belonging to Colbert Committee.

    La rencontre du métal et du parfum : un défi incroyable que nous avons relevé avec passion. J’ai souhaité exprimer la finesse de l’essence des fleurs chères à Christian Dior, ainsi que le touché et le tombé d’un tissu, hommage à son talent de couturier. C’est avec cet objectif en tête que nous avons pu réaliser cette série et particulièrement la monnaie de 2 kilos Or, une vraie prouesse technique et la première pièce d’un tel poids jamais frappée par la Monnaie de Paris.

    Engraver word

    Our craftman


      The medal minter transforms a blank into a medal, alternating between striking to bring out the relief and annealing to return the metal to a more malleable state. The blank is struck as many times as necessary, depending on the diameter, depth and detail of the engraving. Finally, surface treatments are applied to enhance the finished piece


      Trained at the best schools, they have the years of experience behind them necessary to master all aspects of the craft. Using industrial oil-based modelling clay and working from a design executed freehand or with CAD software, they skilfully fashion a low relief model in order to enhance the engraving and the way it catches the light. They work alternately with concave and convex plaster moulds until satisfied they have achieved the best 3D rendering of the design.