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Mustang P51

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Mustang P51

In 2021, the Aviation and History series presents the Mustang P-51. Designed in just 117 days, the Mustang P-51, dubbed the "Apache", was the most prestigious American fighter aircraft of the Second World War. 

This series is conceived as a tribute to the aircraft that have most marked the history of aviation. From the Spirit of Saint Louis to the most modern aircraft such as the A380, all eras and types of aircraft are presented.

The design of the aircraft was entrusted to Romain Hugault, a specialist in both the world of aviation and the world of comics, under the artistic direction of Joaquin Jimenez.

The reverse side, common to the series, presents two pilot profiles symbolising different eras and types of use - civil and military.

Emblematic Coins

The take-off of a P-51 Mustang is shown on the face of these coins. This aircraft was named "Contrary Mary" and belonged to Lieutenant Colonel Roy Caviness. We can make out the sun's rays hidden by a cloud in the background. Three silver coins of 10€, 20€ Piedfort and 50€ are offered in this series as well as a 50€ gold coin.