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Monnaie de Paris' shop

Monnaie de Paris’s shop is open from Monday to Saturday, from 11a.m until 7p.m.
Phone: +33 (0)1 40 46 59 26
It is located on 2, rue Guénégaud – 75006 Paris
In 2017, the shop will renovate and will take place under the central pavilion dome initially dedicated to the foundry workshop. An historical place pierced by a dome with an oculus that will allow light to pass through and which will make this space an exceptional setting for prestigious products.


Flammarion Bookshop

Specialised in the contemporary art book edition and redesigned for each exhibition, Monnaie de Paris’ Flammarion bookshop constitutes the culmination of the exhibition visits. It offers a wide range of exhibition catalogues, monographes, artist’s books, theoretical works and specialised journals in relation with Monnaie de Paris’ contemporary art programming, as well as a broad section dedicated to the youth.
Opening hours : everyday : 11a.m to 7p.m.
Nocturnal on Thursdays until 10p.m
Phone: +33 (0)1 40 46 57 48

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Upcoming Shops

In parallel of its new shop, Monnaie de Paris will host other boutiques, held by great French houses. Those trade partners will share with Monnaie de Paris values such as scarcity, quality and authenticity. It will expand products offer linked to the traditional skills and French lifestyle. Those shops will be accessible from the garden and located next to Monnaie de Paris’ shop giving onto Cour de la Méridienne, former workshops entrance. A concept store of more than 400 square meters will take place in the garden, in front of Mansart Wing façade (which keeps its industrial function with jewelry and enameling workshops).